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Flight Information Platform



FlightInfo is a Web-platform that can replicate the necessary flight information for all Inbound/Outbound flights and feed it to any point (including mobile phones , tablets , call center , etc).
  It integrates with AODB (UFIS/FIDS) and can produce every possible information that is requested but also any additional information that can be requested ad-hoc.


Flighinfo platform

● Detailed information for all Inbound/Outbound flights.
● Checkin Counters status view and availability.
● ECV® Visual Technology (Eliminated Confusion View) applied on the Web Interface in order to help the End-User to quickly spot out only the changes that have taken place in the last 5 mins. ECV® is a registered technology in visual interfaces , created by WebOpsis.
● Special ScreenTips (yellow information box that pops up when hovering the mouse around a data element) , displaying extra information that is interconnected with UFIS/FIDS and is able to display flight status , airport name , airline name , etc.
● Search that can automatically identify search terms entered by the end-user and then match & process all the necessary terms in order to display the required information.
● Search & Sort Results by Airport or Airline.
● Modular design to accommodate additional modules such as De-ising , snow-storm , etc.
● Integration with UFIS FIDS. Developed API that was successfully used by all external third-party vendors in order to retrieve flight information and use it on external services.



Consolidated Airline Season Scheduling / CASS 

Composition (classification) of all flights for all airlines in a web-platform and ability to represent those into 6 months tables. Ability to extract those data into multiple forms in order to feed other systems or leaflets with 6-months timetable.



Mobile Data Representation

Web-platform with the ability to export all flight info data in real time (using dynamic queries) for use any external use to 3rd party vendors.

Integration with UFIS FIDS. Successful developed API already used by all external third-party vendors of Athens International Airport in order to retrieve flight information but also use it on external services.


35 Ag.Triados str,
15343 Ag. Paraskevi
Attiki Greece


Phone: +30(211)8505100
Fax:       +30(211)8505101